Apr 272010

Issue #2

What’s this? Issue #2 now online, and only a day and 2 hours later than we wanted?! Huzzah!

I’m glad to report, however, that this issue is jam-packed with great articles and some awesome design work, so I guess it was worth the wait… at least for me. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve done for #2, and I hope you enjoy.

Apr 262010

We’re sorry to report that issue #2 will not be published tonight, as we are experiencing a few technical difficulties**. The good news is that we’ll have it up and ready for you tomorrow, April 27th. 

We apologize for the delay.


**technical duties may or may not include classwork that requires being finished in order to graduate

Mar 312010

Watch out come April 26th, as issue #2 will be hitting the world wide web.


Articles on the way:


Musician Spotlight

Xtreme Art Night

London Olympic Logo Debate

Pictures from the Art dept. NYC trip

And much more!

Feb 262010

Decision-making time! Brainstorming for the new issue, then finalizing our article ideas. More on what’s going to be in issue 2 will be coming pretty soon…

Jan 122010

Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed the winter break as much as we did. All the itchers are back up on the hill and prepping for a new issue. Keep your eyes open for new developments in the coming weeks, and hopefully our next issue not too long after.

Come back soon!

Dec 112009

Well, after many long ours, the first issue is finally ready to go. Check it out on the “issues” page.

Dec 102009

Everything is finally coming together. The first issue will be out tonight!

Nov 252009

The articles have been written and vaguely proofread; it’s time for the design phase.

Launch date is set for the week of December 6th, stay tuned!

Nov 112009

Hello everyone, this is the main hub for everything and anything involved with “the itch.” We’re currently under construction, but all of our issues will be published here along with photos, video, artwork, and anything else we feel like slapping on here.

Check back in December for the finished site and our FIRST ISSUE.

See you then!