Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Hits Theaters


By Katie Ralbusky Staff Writer

The Apes Are Here.

Ten years after the events of the first movie, the virus has decimated humanity and caused a global economic collapse. Caesar rules over his own ape community and soon welcomes the birth of a new son.

Dorm Room Tips for Going Back to School

Tara Adamczyk  Contributing Writer

The next month is a stressful time for incoming freshman and returning upperclassmen. College move in day is one of the most stressful days of the year for students.

Gospel Music vs. Modern Times


By Nathan Johnson, Staff Writer

We have all heard the top forty on the radio and have had something in common with lyrics we hear on a daily basis. Whether it be on the radio, at work or at school. However, how many of us take time to listen to other genres of music, such as gospel?

Gospel music can touch us just as any other song can, but sometimes people look negatively upon this music because it is based off of religious views.

Listening to gospel music can leave you with positive vibes, regardless of what your religious background is. Just because it is something different doesn’t mean that is can’t have a positive effect.

New Eatery in Wheeling is a Home Run

Pizza, burgers, subs... Oh my!

By Jessica Broverman Online Editor

A new restaurant has been added to the Wheeling area, just 20 minutes from the West Liberty campus. Stadiums is a new establishment located at 95 Edgington Lane in Wheeling and serves up gourmet pizza, burgers and subs. Lesley Antonik of Ruttenbucks Grill created Stadiums so everyone could have all of their favorite stadium food in one convenient location, but with a little twist.

“The Fault in Our Stars” is a Must-See and Must-Read


By Hannah Mason Staff Writer

The book by John Green has topped the Young Adult section of the New York Times bestseller list for 82 weeks. The movie had “one of the biggest opening days of the year” in terms of sales, according to Ray Subers for Box Office Mojo, as it beat out other front runners like “Divergent,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” and “Maleficent.”

Don’t Let an Injury slow your summer down

By Katie  Ralbusky Contributing Writer

When the weather warms up more people tend to be physically active. This also means injuries are far more common if people do not properly prepare themselves. According to the article Don’t Let Common Summer Sports Injuries Keep You From Giving 110%, “Back pain, muscle tears, sprains, tendon injuries, cramps, hypothermia and shoulder injuries are among the most common according to Austin, Texas-based sports medicine facility Medicine in Motion.” The problem is people overestimate their bodies and jump into activities they are not ready to take on.  

Ways of preventing injuries are common knowledge. Stay hydrated, stretch properly before exercising, look out for obstacles such as holes, wear the right equipment, etc. But what if you do all of that right and still find yourself injured? We are all human after all and accidents do happen. For athletes this can feel like a catastrophe.

I personally suffered a severely sprained arm this summer due to a fall and was laid up for two weeks. Just because I had to take it easy didn’t mean I also had to lose my mind with boredom. There are a variety of activities one can do as long as they do not push themselves too far.

Wheeling Commemorates Independence Day

By Jessica Broverman Online Editor 

It is once again the time of year to break out the sparklers and throw the hot dogs on the grill. Independence Day, more popularly called the fourth of the July, is one of the few days out of the year that families and communities have a chance to be together. Though the fireworks and barbecues make this holiday fun, there is much more to the special day rather than just wearing red, white and blue.

Stifel Art’s Center Summer Exhibition

By Jessica Broverman Online Editor

The opening reception of the Art for Mobility: A Gathering of Artists and Activists at the Stifel Arts Center of the Oglebay Institute will feature Haitian artist Francillon Chery. Chery will be presenting a collection of metallic and canvas art along with CHAOTICA Art creator, Don Bristow. The exhibit is meant to shed light on those who are disabled in Haiti, as well as the rest of the world. Being that Chery is from Haiti and is also an amputee soccer player, he not only cares about this exhibition, but he also exemplifies its importance.

Tips for traveling on a student budget


By Jessica Broverman Online Editor

Every summer college students want to travel and see places and things they haven’t seen before. The only problem with wanting this as a college student is the fact that most of us lack the money to do so. If you have a part time job during the summer, odds are you can travel further than you’d expect. I have arranged a 12 day trip to Venice, Florida for this summer and I managed to do so by being financially savvy using these five steps. 

Unique holidays to celebrate in June


By Nathan Johnson, Staff Writer

With all the major holidays being well known, there are always a few unknown holidays that are brought to ones attention through social media. For example, daughters week, national siblings day, national pet day and more may have caught the eyes of social media junkies making them wonder what other unique holidays are out there.

Since Father’s Day has come and gone, many may be looking for something else to celebrate until the Fourth of July.  The unique holidays leading up to the next national holiday could be a fix for those who are in need of a celebration.