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Education student offers iPad technology classes

ipad class

By Benjamin Rogers, Contributing Writer Technology is an ever-changing animal that has the potential to leave the uninformed in the dust. Apple’s iPad, one of the most popular technology devices, is an incredible tool, and there are many possibilities for its use. For students looking to delve into some of these possibilities, senior English and […]

WLU Coll. of Ed. partners with CREATE lab


By Jessica Safreed, Contributing Writer Philosophies of education change every day, and that means that the West Liberty College of Education must change with it in order to continue to train effective teachers. No longer are students just sitting in a classroom taking notes as the teacher lectures; today students learn best by hands-on discovery. […]

Internet usage heightens risk of a security invasion

By Tara Adamczyk, Staff Writer Did you know hackers could use your Facebook and Twitter page to hack personal information such as your bank account? Cyber security is becoming more of an issue as technology advances. Many people check their bank accounts using smartphone apps without thinking about the fact that they are on a […]

WLU improves technology with new router

WLU improves technology with new router

Story Provided West Liberty University is now operating on a new Cisco router that greatly increases its broadband service, thanks to a $27,000 opportunity with the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). Funding for the router was part of a nationwide effort to expand broadband service across the United States. “This means a more efficient level […]

Officials address electronic privacy issues

By Anna Patrick, Editor Although new changes have occurred within Google accounts, officials at West Liberty University (WLU) stand by their policy to maintain the privacy of students’ and staff’s email accounts. A recent announcement sent by Google to its email account holders stated that “Your account now works more like a full Google […]

iThings taking over the iPopulation

By Robbie Hibbs-–Contributing Writer First there was the iPod, that small handheld device that spared millions the annoyance of getting songs stuck in their heads by having all songs ever recorded captured in a thin rectangular tuning box. Since this cybernetic cerebellum’s conception on October 23, 2001, the iPod’s massive sales spawned a whole line […]

WL hosts its Flash Animation Festival

By Alex King–Assistant Editor On April 30, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Boyle Conference Room of the ASRC, West Liberty kicked off its ninth annual Flash Animation Festival, sponsored by Apple Computers.  The competition was open to high school and college students from six states, including West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania […]