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Tips for traveling on a student budget


By Jessica Broverman, Online Editor Every summer college students want to travel and see places and things they haven’t seen before. The only problem with wanting this as a college student is the fact that most of us lack the money to do so. If you have a part time job during the summer, odds […]

Don’t shop, adopt


By Olivia Morgan, Online Editor Each start to a new summer means swimming pools open, ice cream shops are packed  and people are purchasing new furry friends. Dogs are often purchased in the summer months because they are the best months to train animals. When choosing the right pet people often look in pet stores, but […]

Five tips for an unforgettable summer

By Nathan Johnson, Staff Writer With school ending, and graduation season behind us, summer vacation is finally here. After studying and working on projects for 15 weeks, students may take the first week of summer to relax. For go-getters, relaxation often turns into boredom. To avoid boredom over the next three months, follow these five […]

Safety tips for soaking up the sun

By Kacie Murray, Staff Writer After the frigid weather that plagued the hilltop this winter, West Liberty students may take every opportunity to soak up the summer sun. However, too much sun can cause more than embarrassing farmers tans and lobster-red burns. 

Preparation tips for graduate school testing

By Tara Adamczyk, Staff Writer Summer break is the perfect time to take all the standardized tests that students may need to take in order to get into graduate school. Although every test is different depending on what career path one is following, the test preparation is almost identical. Below are 5 tips that may […]

Reflections on studying in the U.S.

By Asma Khadraoui, Contributing Writer When I meet people in different countries, they get excited when they hear about where I have been, and I enjoy sharing my stories with them, and so frequently the conversation ends with “Wow, I want to travel somewhere too.” I am a freshman at West Liberty University. I’m from […]

WLU Maintenance Dept. plans summer projects

By Olivia Morgan Online Editor While the rest of the West Liberty University community will be soaking up the sun, going on vacations and enjoying the three-month summer break, the WLU maintenance department will be busy making sure campus is safe and updated. When students return in the fall, they will notice the big projects […]

Please protect the professors

By Katie Ralbusky, Contributing Writer We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day and you’re tired. All you want to do is take a nap, but you have to sit down and write a paper instead or study for a test. It’s all too easy to talk badly about your professor and blame them […]

Be aware: help prevent crime

By Tara Adamczyk, Staff Writer Although crime rates on college campuses are low, certain crimes continue to be a problem at colleges. The Uniform Crime Report lists 2,700 violent crimes and nearly 9,000 property crimes on college campuses annually.  West Liberty University is one of the safest college campuses, however students should still practice crime […]

April marks Shakespeare’s 450th birthday


By Hannah Mason, Contributing Writer April 23 is a busy day on the calendar for literature and book lovers. Not only is it UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day, annual World Book Night, and the death day of Miguel de Cervantes, but also this year, April 23, 2014 is also the celebration of William Shakespeare’s […]