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Campus becomes more technology savvy

Campus becomes more technology savvy

by Katie Ralbusky – Contributing Writer Laptops and iPads are now being offered to freshmen at West Liberty University. “Different departments require the students to have one or the other. For example, the College of Business requires students to have laptops, while the College of Education requires them to have iPads,” WLU laptop program coordinator […]

IT Dept. assists in WL many ways

By Kevin Kidwell, Online Editor The IT department on campus does many things, but not many people know the full scale of everything they’re involved in. Phil Kent is part of the department and he explained a handful of projects that they have undertaken and been a part of. The IT department handles the laptop […]

WL hosts its Flash Animation Festival

By Alex King–Assistant Editor On April 30, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Boyle Conference Room of the ASRC, West Liberty kicked off its ninth annual Flash Animation Festival, sponsored by Apple Computers.  The competition was open to high school and college students from six states, including West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania […]

Student laptop program installs new ideas for incoming students

By Greg Watson–Contributing Writer Freshmen on campus have benefited from the laptop program. Now administrators have installed some new ideas to help make the students more comfortable in working on their assignments and allowing them faster access to the Internet. These new ideas will also expand on the technical resources the computers at the college […]