Debate over West Liberty’s website, Part 1


By Cody Long, Contributing Writer is the school’s website: easy to remember and easily accessible.

It is the first item listed when “West Liberty” is entered into the Google search along with a list of helpful and popular links within the website.

The website offers a visually nice looking background with Flash based images and buttons for easy access and visually impressive information access.

Immediately noticeable on the front page, West Liberty offers the Twitter feed uploading constantly right under a nice, Flash based news feed.   You can also access the Twitter page, the Facebook page, and the RSS Feed of the West Liberty webpage from this location.

You can also find out what is going on today on the bottom of the page and the newest updates on cancellation statuses.

Visitors can also easily apply for admission and find information on financial aid right there with one click. And of course the color scheme is the same as the school’s colors of black and shades of yellow.

The greatest function of the website, however, has to be the Hilltopper Search bar. This is the bar at the immediate bottom of your screen that stays at the bottom even when you scroll up and down.

Powered by Flash, the bar features a search engine searching through the entire website. You can simply enter the word “sports” and the search engine will lead you to the Hilltopper Sports webpage “”

Along with the search engine, the moving Hilltopper Search bar also features easily accessible buttons to your student email account, calendar of recent events, Sakai for your online class resource, Student WINS, and finally the faculty and staff directory. These buttons are extremely useful for when you want to easily access your email account or Sakai. It is my most used feature and probably most students’ too.

Having trouble recalling Sakai’s URL? Fear no more with this function of West Liberty’s website.

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