Tacos are too much for students’ tiny budget


By Cody Long, Staff Writer

Students rejoiced with the idea of having a Taco Bell and a Pizza Hut Express here in the Student Union of West Liberty University. I received text messages, tweets, and status posts galore in concerns to this new delicacy on campus.

And it still is a very populated area of feasting; probably the most popular feature Sodexo could have implemented since Taco Thursday.

Cole Simms, my dearest roommate who never beats me in arm wrestling, and also single and dashing, is quite the fan of Taco Day and the Taco Bell.

His favorite part of the week was Taco Day at the Market Place of Rogers Hall. Upon those fan-favorited Taco Days I would witness a monstrously spicy concoction that I dare not touch. Other days I must witness my friend and roommate suffer at the hands of overpriced spiced sauces and drink refills.

“Now, in order to get a properly spiced taco at the Student Union, I must bring my own hot sauces,” revealed Cole Simms, hot sauce connoisseur, in his opinion of the current taco crisis of 2011, “the level of spicy is not what I would call adequate.”

I believe Mr. Cole Simms is not the only person around to do something to this degree. With the lack of adequate amounts of sauces and refills, people are displeased and will do bring their own, economical supplies. I myself have fallen victim to the over pricing; only having seven dollars remaining on my treasured Sodexo Dollars.

The only immediate resolution is to bring my own condiments and refreshments to the Union instead of buying it cold, right there. But why must this be a solution at all? Must Cole Simms and I suffer the master betrayal of the ones who control our meals?

Yes, because that is exactly what they do; control our meals. People panicked and rioted in the streets when there was no Taco Day. It seems to me that all people will want in the end is a reasonably priced and adequately spiced taco.

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