Take things easy when celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

By Kelsey McKinney, Assistant Editor

Oh, Valentine’s Day. It is a holiday that excites some, but is dreaded by most and is awkward for everyone. Valentine’s Day has different connotations for everyone and whether one is single or in a relationship the pressure to please on this sacred day reaches astronomical heights. Despite many mixed feelings, this day should be one to look forward to, no matter what gender or relationship status.

Although I am unaware of the original intentions/guidelines for Valentine’s Day, it can most certainly be concluded that what has become the norms of this day may not be the best practices. Today, men are almost forced to make the day romantic for the woman and women expect the attention and feel obligated to return the favor. However, Valentine’s Day should not be forced, and words including “awkward” and “pressure” should be left out of the occasion completely.

Every couple should look forward to Valentine’s Day…not because of the gifts and attention they may receive, but because they love the person enough that they look forward to celebrating the bond that they share and are happy to have the chance to do something for the one they adore. Yet, unfortunately, this attitude seems hard to come by.

Actress Kate Bosworth once said, “Relationships are hard, but they are absolutely the most beautiful things in the world.” Speaking from experience, I think this statement couldn’t be more true. Relationships are hard… very hard, and it seems that a healthy relationship is hard to come by, especially during the college years. Whether it is the pressure of academics, the social freedom, or just the problems of everyday life, it is very easy for relationships to spin out of control. The period following college is also one of the most trying. This is a time when preparing for the future and choosing between autonomy and commitment comes into play, adding a whole new layer of pressure.

Yet the bottom line is if one has someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, there should be no pressure. Taking time out of a normal day to celebrate having a loving mate in life should come easy. A good functioning relationship takes hard work but if it works out at the end of the day, that is worth celebrating.

Valentine’s Day should be a day of appreciation; if you have someone that brings a smile to your face amidst the craziness of college life, consider yourself lucky. If a relationship is anything less than beautiful it is not worth being in, especially during this time in our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and if you are lucky enough to find a good person in this life, I hope this day’s celebration comes easy to you.

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