Top five sweet treats for Valentine’s Day

By Kelsey McKinney, Assistant Editor

Need gift ideas for your lover this Valentine’s Day? We have provided a top five list of the sweetest ideas for treats to give to your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

1. Chocolate covered Strawberries – Chocolate covered strawberries are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. The mix of chocolate and a juicy strawberry is the prefect combination of flavor and add an elegant dessert to any meal. This top pick is also rumored to be an aphrodisiac.

2. Cupcake – A beautiful decorated cupcake is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. With a huge variety of flavors and designs to choose from, a cupcake can be personalized to show your valentine how you feel. Not to mention that it makes a delicious treat for any occasion.

3.  Personalized M & Ms – Although M & Ms may be your average candy snack, personalizing M & Ms for your significant other is a great way to show that you can go out of your way to make everything about the day special. With each and every bite, your lover will be thinking of you.

4. Heart-Boxed Chocolates – The run-of-mill box of chocolates is always a great to-go gift for Valentine’s Day. Each box offers a variety of flavors and the quantity is enough for two.  There is a surprise in every bite.

5. Cookies – Everyone appreciates a good cookie, and if they are homemade then cookies can even help gain some brownie points. Cater to your lover by making and decorating their own cookie(s) and you can never go wrong.

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