The Visitor’s Voice: West Liberty University’s international students share their perspective

International Students

By Jamshed Jumazoda, Native of Tajikistan

As human beings everyone have their interests and dreams. In order to develop our interests and make our dreams come true, we need to do our best. Dreaming is not enough; we need to struggle to realize them at the same time. If we utilize the best of our abilities, we’ll definitely succeed. As it goes with the proverb: “Impossible itself says I’m possible”.

I had the dream of coming to the United States since my childhood.  I was learning English for many years as it is a global language today. The country I come from has very few English speakers giving me fewer opportunities to practice my English. I learned about all English speaking-countries and the one I fascinated me the most was the U.S. Indeed I learned wonderful facts about the US.. as it’s a superpower in today’s world.

When I got accepted to the Faculty of Foreign languages I met some American teachers teaching in our faculty. It was really exciting speaking English with a native English speaker.

Later I heard of a program called “Global Undergraduate exchange program in Eurasia and Central Asia” sponsored by the U.S. department of state. I was really eager to participate in this program though I knew it wasn’t easy to get accepted. It had three rounds and they picked only nine students from my country every year. So I participated and fortunately I was one of those nine lucky students to get a scholarship. It was just unbelievable. I was going to study for a year in  a U.S. university.

In early August all finalists of Global UGRAD program arrived in Washington D.C. We had orientation about studying in the US. They took us through a Washington city tour. I couldn’t believe myself standing before the White House and the Capital.

Next all of the finalists left for their host cities to different states of US. I was sent to West Liberty University. So my adventures began in West Liberty University.

There were lots of new things to do. Everything was new for me. I needed to improve my English to find a place in the society. I found out that I was the first and the only student from Tajikistan to attend WLU. I was surprised when I found out that most people here had no idea about my country. The first two to three months I had to spell my country’s name to people. Then I gave a few country presentations about my country. I made many new American and international friends here.

Every day here has new events planned. It was really wonderful celebrating American holidays with different people here. I liked the system and the teachers. I noticed that most Americans are polite; they say “sorry” for little things.

Another good thing about Americans is their ability to be frank and punctual. I liked it much and tried to gain these characteristics. I completed community service and am currently doing my internship. I visited some U.S. cities which I had watched in movies before and dreamed of visiting someday.

I think I have realized a very big dream. I saw almost everything I knew about U.S. I noticed changes in my English as well, especially my listening comprehension. Indeed U.S. universities have very high teaching standards. As the U.S. is one of worlds’ developed countries technologically, I learned to work with several new technologies on which I had never worked before. I gained new skills in my major.

I would like to express my respect first of all to the U.S. Department of State and IREX(International Research & Exchanges  Board), which gave me this great opportunity. I explored the U.S., learned about new cultures and traditions and shared my culture with Americans. I’m also very grateful to the West Liberty University staff and especially the International Students Office which regularly organizes different kind of activities and events to encourage and entertain us. I express my gratitude to my kind and caring professors here. Everyone has some unforgettable moments in his/her life and I can say with confidence that these moments are unforgettable for me.

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