Highlands features helpful workshops

By Kelsey McKinney, Assistant Editor

West Liberty University’s Highlands Center is alive and well. They are actively reaching out to the community, as well as students, by hosting several different events and programs this spring.

Hosted by the Center for Student Success, the Highlands Center will feature different Community Engagement Workshops in order to help the community prepare for entering the job market as well as preparing for college life.

On April 5 at 5 p.m. the Highlands Center will hold the first of two Career Services Workshops. The first workshop, entitled “Developing a Winning Resume,” will feature tips and tricks on creating and/or improving a resume. Participants are encouraged to bring their own resume and Bridgette Dawson of WLU’s Center for Student Success will be available after the workshop for one-on-one consultation. Also Dawson’s office is always open for any student who may want their resume reviewed and cannot make it to a workshop.

The second workshop in the series will take place on April 26 at 5 p.m. and is entitled “The Hidden Job Market.” This workshop will discuss inside secrets on networking and different methods of searching for jobs in the current economy.

“We did these last spring and had a pretty good turnout,” Highlands Campus Manager, Sara Sweeney said, “so we thought we would want to do them again this spring for anyone graduating or maybe even looking for a summer job.” Both Career Service Workshops are free and open to the public.

The Highlands Center will also be hosting a College P.R.E.P. Conference for students and parents who would like more information as to what one should look for in attending and choosing a college. The P.R.E.P. (Preparing and Reaching Educational Possibilities) will be held on April 28 at the Highlands. Registration will start around noon and several different workshops will be offered throughout the day for attendees to choose from.

Sweeney and Courtney Drahos are organizing this conference, which is primarily geared towards high school students. “This isn’t specifically geared towards West Liberty, it is really for anyone in general, especially high school students and their parents,” Sweeney said. There will be parent and student sessions on different subjects such as staying on track and choosing a major, financial aid, and athletics. “This is a very well-rounded conference,” Sweeney added.

This past Monday the Highlands Center released information concerning the new Community University that WLU is offering. The Community University is geared toward senior citizens, and classes are offered during the day. Topics for courses include “Cruising 101,” “WWII Through Film,” and a lecture series on Abraham Lincoln.

Also concerning academics, a Sports Leadership and Coaching track was added last week under the University’s Master of Education program.

Sweeney and Ashley Carter are working together to implement campus activities at the Highlands Center. Each month the Highlands will be hosting quick activities for students while they make the trip to the Highlands for class. Last month they featured a “Minute to Win It” game in the lobby. “I’m really excited about this,” Sweeney said, “We are trying to expand everything at the Highlands. We really want the students to feel more involved and part of the campus community.”

For more information about WLU’s Highlands Center visit highlands.westliberty.edu or call 304-217-2800.

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