Senior bids adieu to WLU

By Kelsey Batten–Senior Staff Writer

As we celebrate the transformation from a state college to a University, the Class of 2009 prepares to make the change from college students, to the next step of further education, or will step out into the “real world” that we have been warned awaits us post-graduation.

headshotEither way, the recent grads all have one thing in common: change. This simple word masks a concept that has become almost a slogan for our generation.

We have changed from freshmen to graduates while our institution has changed to a University and our nation has ushered in an era of change with the 2008 election.

College has always been associated with the shaping and changing of minds; altering the beliefs and lifestyles, even in minute ways, of all those who seek the opportunities found in higher education.

However, the opportunity for change is what we as students choose to make it.

Students have the option to hold tight to the views and goals they had in high school, or to broaden their interests, take a chance or try something new. Where else can you find the chance to try yoga, participate in open mic nights, or, recently, catch a carnival ride on your way to class?

There are small things, such as modifying your eating and sleeping patterns to meet an erratic class schedule, or slightly larger steps, such as changing your major or even transferring from one college to another, but each decision we make alters us in some small way.

Staying stagnant is the easy choice. Opting to keep the same friends, refusing to try something new, it’s safe, but ultimately, disappointing.

William Shakespeare perhaps worded it best, “we know what we are, but we know not what we may be.”

As we celebrate University week, I congratulate the Class of 2009 and wish the best to the future graduates of WLU. May you make the most of the changes around you.

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