WL holds Lil’ Sibs Weekend

By James Shaver–Contributing Writer

Lil’ Sibs Weekend was held on West Liberty’s campus April 24 and 25. Activities Coordinator Ashley Carter organized the event.

“This type of event has never been done before at West Liberty,” Cater stated. “I had seen something like this done before and thought it was a great event for the entire family.”

The schedule for Lil’ Sibs Weekend included free dinner at the Marketplace for the siblings, an ice cream social, and a family movie, “Bolt,” on Friday. Saturday there was a carnival with games and food which included thirty volunteers who helped throughout the weekend. These volunteers included a face painter, caricature artist, balloon maker and a few who willingly sat on the dunk tank.

100 people were expected to attend, including the forty-seven siblings. According to Carter, twenty-four people checked in Friday night to stay in the residence halls, about thirty people attended the movie and on Saturday, approximately 100 people came to the carnival.

In reflection to the events, Carter stated, “I am very pleased with the way Lil’ Sibs Weekend turned out. The crowd was just what we expected and the weather was beautiful. Hopefully over the years the event will grow larger and more exciting than the year before.”

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