Stack talks SGA plans for year

This fall marks a new school year, a new status and, for over 600 freshmen, a new home. “I want this to be a good year. It’s my last one,” said Student Government President Shane Stack.

Student Government Association this year consists of President Stack, Vice President Richard Whitehead, Secretary Philip Stahl, and Treasurer David Syrylo, along with Sophomore Class President Michelle Adkins, Junior Class President Savannah Keller and Senior Class President Kurt Evans.

During his final year as president, Stack plans to tackle several issues. “I think the main thing this year is to concentrate on student-run organizations, like Greek Life. We’d like to see a couple of the Greek organizations go national.”

Also on Stack’s agenda is a reform of the accessibility of the library.“We’re working right now on extending library hours. If you look at our library hours in comparison with other [universities and colleges] in the area, it’s pretty embarrassing.”

While our library closes at 9:00 p.m. during the week, other institutions’ libraries are open longer, such as West Virginia Wesleyan College and Franciscan University of Steubenville, whose libraries close at 11:00 p.m. during the week, and Bethany College, whose library closes at midnight during the week. In addition, while all three of these libraries are open at some point on Saturdays, our library is not open at all.

President Stack also talked about wanting to sponsor more trips this year. “Thanks to the administration, our budget is large again,” said Stack. “Right now we’re planning a trip to Cedar Point in October and we also want to try to get a group of people together for Kennywood Fright Night. We want to try to do at least three trips in the fall and three in the spring as well. We want to try to do a weekend beach trip.”

According to Stack, the trips to New York and Canada are always successful, as well as the Homecoming and spring Dances, but it’s a big challenge to get students interested in activities on campus.

Other concerns of Stack include the complaints brought up at SGA meetings. According to Stack, campus parking is the most frequent issue mentioned. “I think the administration realizes that parking is a problem and I think maybe next year we’re going to see a solution.”

“Another complaint SGA often receives is from students not being able to graduate on time due to missed credits that they didn’t know they needed,” said Stack. He also mentioned a solution for the problem is in the works. “The University is piloting a system right now that will let students evaluate where they stand as far as classes they’ve taken and classes they still need to take at any time. It will be integrated with the WINS system.”

“I encourage all freshmen to get involved,” Stack added. “If there is any organization you think you may be interested in, get involved because in the next four years there are going to be a lot of changes on this campus.”

If you think you may want to be involved in Student Government Association, drop in on a meeting Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. in the Alumni Room of the Student Union, or email to make suggestions or just to get more information on campus events.

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