WL school cancellation process

Have you ever wondered who decides if school is cancelled or not?

Vice President of Student Affairs, J.D. Carpenter says he and Dr. John McCullough, Executive VP and Chief Administrative Officer are generally the ones to consult whether to call for a cancellation or delay.

According to Carpenter, there are typically two factors taken into consideration when deciding to cancel school: what the roads look like and what the weather conditions are anticipated to be.

They also unofficially look at delay notices of nearby schools. ”We are right on the Ohio/Brooke County line, so we pay pretty close attention to what Ohio and Brooke county do,” said Carpenter.

However, Carpenter stated that classes are not delayed or cancelled because of temperature.

Another important issue during harsh weather is making sure the campus is safe for students.

Sophomore Veronica Hamrick stated, ”The sidewalks definitely need to be salted more, especially by the Union.”

According to Carpenter, salt is distributed onto the sidewalks as best is possible when the harsh weather is unexpected.

Campus sidewalks are not the only concern during poor weather; many students also worry about the roads. If commuting students are worried about driving home, Carpenter suggests that those students ask for help in finding a place to stay.”Let us know. We’ll find you a place to stay for the night. Commuting students might want to think about that.”

Safety is key, though, for students. ”No matter what the college does. . .you keep yourself safe,” Carpenter stated.

For more information, contact Carpenter at 8343.

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