Greek life and SGA make plans

By Anna Patrick–Assistant Editor

sgaThe Student Government Association has paired up with Greek Life to bring some exciting events to campus.

During the most recent SGA meeting on Feb. 2, with the presence of Louie Gallo, President of Greek Council, SGA made the announcement that Greek Week and University Week will be merged together into one week this year.

The special event is scheduled to occur during the last week in April, which is dead week on campus. This was meant to coincide with the University’s anniversary on May 1.

Last year’s University Week ran for a full week with events scheduled every day. To slim down this year, University Week will only consist of three days of events held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. University Week will include events for students as well as alumni. This year, to help fill the week with more activities, Greek Week will be held at the same time.

The spring dance will also be held at this time. SGA hopes to hold the dance on campus this year in the ASRC with, possibly, alcoholic beverages. SGA President Shane Stack said there will be many regulations to follow if the dance moves onto campus with alcoholic beverages.

Leeanne Yeater, member of SGA, said, “I think it is a good idea that [University Week] is just three days.” Yeater thought that having a high concentration of events around the same time will help bring more students in attendance.

During the meeting, many ideas of events for University Week were mentioned. Members of SGA suggested a mechanical bull, a rock climbing wall, laser tag, roller skating and inflatable jousting. They also would like to erect a stage in the quad to hold bands, along with many great food stands.

SGA and Greek Life also agreed to hold a bowling tournament. The groups have tentatively scheduled the event to be held on Feb. 23 at Elm Grove Lanes. Also discussed was the idea of using the tournament as a way to raise money for a charity.

Gallo thought the idea was great and said, “I’ll make this mandatory [with Greek life] that we do this.”

Although much positive integration was made during the meeting, SGA and Greek life haven’t quite reached an agreement on everything.

As of now, SGA is in control of the Krise Hall basement; the basement belongs to them, however, Greek Life has one room in the basement. The idea was proposed during the meeting to give the Krise basement to Greek Life to allow them to use it.

Gallo said, “There are roughly 150 to 180 people in Greek Life, so a big space would help.”

Haspel said that the Greeks need more room to store records and a large table to hold meetings and activities.

Gallo also stated that if they had a larger room to meet in then they would be able to do more on campus. He stated, “If you want us to be serious, you have to take us seriously.”

Gallo gave members of SGA a bulletin of things the Greeks have accomplished this year. He said, “I’ve come to let you guys know of everything we’ve done and of what we plan on doing.” Stack said, “This doesn’t prove anything to me.”

Members of SGA could not come to an agreement on the subject, but it is expected to be discussed at future meetings.

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